43105 Anti-Theft Urban® Backpack

Status: In stock
Material: 900 D Polyester
Size: 13” x 18” x 6.25”

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Customer Reviews

Exactly what I have been searching for Review by JPR
I have been on an obsessive search for the perfect travel bags.
1 WHOLE YEAR of watching youtube reviews, carryology.com reviews, browsing the vast interwebs and physically searching in each store.
From what I gathered, there is a checklist one must go through to find the perfect bag.
1. Visual Appeal as it is the first thing you notice about the bag
2. Size, being one of the most important factors as there are Max Sizes ranging from Domestic to international airlines. The closer you get to the max size, the better you are in the long run
3. Organization. If you have OCD and have served in any Mil you'll have the same mindset as me: Must be easily accessible, secure and make damn sense (unlike all the Mil kit lol)
4. Ease of Carry. If it's not comfortable and hurts it is common sense.
5. Security. The world is an amazing and wonderful place.....until you get your personal belongings stolen along with all your information and bank accounts. Many bags out there come out with slash guards, locking zippers and rfid blockers.
6. Adaptability. Soft sided > hard case. Airlines set their own rules when it comes to carry on luggage. From large boeings to tiny bombardiers. A great bag will fit no matter where it is *squish squish*
7. Material. Denier Nylon is the usual standard, but can have a slippery synthetic feeling. This also dictates how much abuse and how long this bag will take and last.

There are definitely more factors when choosing a bag but not as valuable as the above mentioned and are personal preferences; i.e Price.
Almost all companies now cover defects in workmanship or materials. If the company goes above and beyond, you can be more confident the bag will last.

This Bag, The Travelon Urban backpack I believe has met all the criteria above.

I purchased this bag in the Grey Slate. Almost has a heather grey look. Very appealing and can look good when you're headed to the gym or office in your fancy dancy suit.
The material is a denier but feels very brushed and soft. The inner compartments either have a thin nylon or a soft microfiber lined pouch.
Great padded and mesh outer straps and handles. Straps are comfortable on the shoulders and back but lacks a waist strap.
When the zippers are open, you can visually see and get drawn to the neon green that lets you know they are open. The green gets covered up when closed.
Locking zippers, anti slash panels and shoulder straps and rfid blocking. Meets all the security requirements.
Bag feels durable and will definitely last a long time.
for the usual airline I fly with; westjet, The max carry on size (personal) is 41 cm x 15 cm x 33 cm
(16 in. x 6 in. x 13 in.). This Bag is 13 in x 18 in x 6.25 in. Sure the bag is 2 inches taller than allowed but due to the bag being a soft sided build, it can be squished or partially stick out.
I purchased the bag for $180 cad. Well worth the price as most PACSAFE bags of this caliber cost a whole lot more and feel cheap.

Overall I would give this bag a 9.5/10. Only a half point from perfect due to the lack of waist strap.

I purchased this bag in winnipeg, mb from U.N Luggage. (Posted on 6/8/2017)

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