Beyond “social distancing”

Getting back to work, daily routines, and meeting with friends and family requires more than social distancing to remain safe, and keep others safe too. How prepared you are when we come back – will make all the difference.


#1 Get into the habit of sanitizing all your high-touch and
     high-contamination-prone items every single day

Millions of viruses, germs, and pathogens crawling on your high-touch personal items, to the point that it might be safer to kiss a public toilet then to answer your phone – gross but true.


Everyone has minimally a dozen daily-use items that have high-touch & high-contamination-EXPOSURE
That EXPOSURE consists of:  

  • Handling item multiple times a day – like face masks, mobile phones, glasses, and pacifiers
  • Setting items on contaminated surfaces – like keys, earbuds, watches, and silverware
  • Placing these items into a contaminated bag – like makeup and makeup brushes
  • Items that have multiple users – like remote controls, paper and coin currency 

Daily UV-C germicidal treatment of these items saves time, money, and lives. It is 100% safe to use, even food. Hospitals and laboratories use UV-C light to keep their facilities sterile – now you can too! In under 3 minutes and under 360º UV-C lights will kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on the surfaces of these personal use items, with no opportunity for regeneration. UV-C lights are key to the prevention and the spread of germs.


Carry it with you – always

Portable design, with a USB adaptor, allows you to plug in and sanitize from anywhere: the home, office, or car.  Gift one to a friend or family member close to you.

The Portable UV Sanitizer Box is part of
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