Demystifying 5 of the biggest travel myths

There is no other subject surrounded by more inflated expectations than travel. Demystifying 5 of the biggest travel myths that most people unwittingly buy into will reveal how the right travel gear really helps to avoid travel disappointments and anxieties, it will give you with real-world travel wisdom, and will it grow your travel enthusiasm versus defeat it.

Myth #1:
It must be true, you saw it online – right? Face it, you’re never going to be pulled along by the glamorous follow-me-girl with flowing hair and dress, flitting from one attraction to the next. And ladies, you’re not going to be the glamorous follow-me-girl in a flowing dress either. No, in reality you’ll be standing in lines like the rest of us shlubs in comfy clothing and thinking, right along with everyone else, “My feet ache; I’m hungry, exhausted, sweaty and gross” as you shuffle from one site or activity to the next so as not to miss a thing.

WORDS TO THE WISE: Plan for this reality and you just might come out looking and smelling like a rose.

  1. Carry an Anti-Theft bag with a water bottle pouch so you can shuffle along protected from theft and stay hydrated too.
  2. Carry an extra pair of Compression socks in your day bag to keep your circulation stimulated which will keep you energized while reducing discomfort and swelling throughout the day.
  3. Slip a 50-sheet pack of Travelon Hand Soap or Body Wash in your bag so you can freshen up throughout the long days and nights that come with travel.

Myth #2: Travel, its relaxing
That’s the dream. Right? Sleepy hammocks swaying in island breezes, hotels with endless pools outside your room or Air B&B rentals that have graced the pages of Architectural Design, and all the time in the world to breath and step into another reality.

Wake up! The reality is that you’ll either be attempting to defy the laws of physics, in time and distance, running frantically to see as many sites as you can in a week; or you’ll have drank the local water, or eaten something the drank the local water, or just drank too much; or some other thing will go wrong along the way.

WORDS TO THE WISE: Plan for the frenzy, the exotic foods that can make you sick, or travel setbacks – and you just might not need a vacation after your vacation.

  1. Bring a Travelon Anti-Theft Active Packable Backpack. Load it up with all the things you’ll need for your daily excursions: smart phone and portable power pack and charger, trail mix, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, water bottle, camera, hat, rain jacket or poncho.
  2. Get some Travel Pill Boxes and load them up with vitamins, aspirin and ibuprofen, 7-days of antibiotics, PeptoBismol or Imodium tablets, plus some ORS (oral rehydration salts). You digestive track will thank you.
  3. Bring a Travelon Organizer and have all the documents you’ll need to get you where you are going and home again.

Myth #3: Travel is easy
It’s your first trip abroad and no sooner does the plane leave your native soil, you’ll transform into a “world class traveller” – adept in every situation, fluent in all languages with your inner scout guiding through it all. NOT! Because daring, grit and eternal optimism… only get you so far when you are trying to navigate new countries. No one is born a traveler – but you learn to become one.

WORDS TO THE WISE: Start with the basics.

  1. Bring an Anti-Theft bag. You’ll never regret it for a moment.
  2. Bring a carry-on packed with all the essentials you will need to survive for a day should your luggage and you get separated.
  3. Pack with packing cubes, envelopes and pouches. Staying organized eliminates much of the stress that comes with travel.

Myth #4: Travel is dangerous
Mention that you are planning a trip to far off lands to Mom and she’ll shriek, “It’s dangerous, and you’ll get killed or worse.” We’ve all heard travel stories of pickpocketing, bag snatchings and other misfortunes. Some are unavoidable, but most are avoidable. Hey, traveling allows you to meet some pretty awesome people and see some breath-taking sites that you would otherwise never see. Whether traveling domestically or internationally the same crimes occur everywhere. So be prepared, pay attention and don’t go into areas the locals wouldn’t go.


  1. Get an Anti-Theft bag. Because, if you are watching your bag you can’t see the world in front of you. There is no need to go on vacation afraid your valuables might be stolen the whole time.
  2. If you’re not the bag type, wear a RFID blocking undergarment pouch. Not carrying a wallet eliminates most pickpocket thefts.
  3. Lock your luggage with a TSA approved luggage locks.
  4. LockDown valuables while on the beach, in a hotel or in and Air b&b, with the award-winning Travelon LockDown slash-resistant bag.

Myth #5: Travel will change your life
The biggest travel myth of them all is how travel will be this big life-changing event, and you will morph from a naïve, lemming-like tourist into a worldly and wise sojourner. The sad truth is that many travelers spend their days in their cozy hotel and rarely see the cities they are in, nor leave the comfort of their tours.

A WORD TO THE WISE: If you have taken to heart the travel wisdom shared above, get out of your hotel and start walking around, start a conversation with a street vendor, checkout the local markets and coffee shops and leap into travel – comfy clothes, Anti-Theft bag and all. You’ll be glad you did. The well-prepared traveler will have the confidence to see and experience new lands and cultures, which will at the very least change how you see the world.