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The Ultimate Cruise Guide to Packing

It’s that time of year, you’re looking at a cruise or you just booked your first one. Although this is an exciting time, there are many pitfalls you need to know how to avoid. Most destination-intensive cruises typically last a week or longer. Depending on the cruise, you could experience arriving at multiple ports in one weeks span. So packing for your cruise is an important preliminary step to insure your cruise is safe and enjoyable.  At Travelon we have comprised the ultimate packing list for your cruise and some pitfalls to avoid.

The First Steps

One of the first steps is to bring a good carry-on bag since you won’t see your luggage right after you board – maybe not until that night. The carry-on should have your ID, cruise documents, and passport at your disposal. We also recommend leaving copies of these in a Lockdown Bag inside your cabin.  Having this bag will protect your personal information from getting stolen while left in your cabin. Bring your passport copy ashore with you if the ships purser holds all the passports to expedite clearing the ship in foreign ports.

Clothing will vary depending on the cruise you will be on. When packing for a warmer climate, most cruise lines have a smart casual dress code recommendation with many of them requesting formal attire past 6pm.

Aside from picking out clothing relevant to your destination here are some accessory necessities that can be essential for your upcoming cruise.

His Cruise Packing List
His Accessory Necessities List
Her Cruise Packing List
Her Accessory Necessities List
Kids Accessory Necessities List
Our Essentials Guide for Everyone Going on a Cruise

When packing it’s also important to research specific ports you are visiting so you can adhere to their laws and regulations. In Barbados, Dominica, and Grenada it is illegal for anyone to carry or wear camouflage material.

So, now you have complete lists of all the travel clothing and accessories needed for you to relax and travel safely on your cruise. As a rule of thumb the lists provided should be a guide to your cruise packing and can be adjusted to your specific needs. For example, not everyone may need formal evening attire. The wonderful aspect of a vacation cruise is that you get to decide how you spend your time aboard. Now its time to relax before your voyage sets sail,Bon voyage!

His Cruise Packing

Tropical Destinations

1 Pair of jeans
1 Sweatshirt or a recommended lightweight jacket
1 Pair of Swim trunks
1 Sandal
1 Polo shirt
1 Khaki Short
2 Active short
3 T-shirts
1 Suit for formal evenings if you plan on attending
1 Gym shoe  (For sightseeing or the gym)
1 Hat
3 Pairs of socks (Depending on how often you plan on wearing gym shoes)
1 Pair of sunglasses
6 Pairs of underwear

Cold Destinations

1 Pair of jeans
1 Sweatshirt
1 Pair of Swim trunks for indoor pool
1 Sandal (For walking around shower and cabin area)
1 Polo shirt
1 Khaki Pant
2 Active short (For working out)
3 Long Sleeve T-shirts
1 Suit for formal evenings if you plan on attending
1 Gym shoe  (For sightseeing or the gym)
1 Winter Hat
3 Pairs of socks (Depending on how often you plan on wearing gym shoes)
6 Pairs of underwear
1 Sweater
1 winter jacket (This could be a lightweight jacket depending on the destination

His Accessories Necessities

  1. RFID Blocking Passport holder   RFID protection is a must when traveling to multiple locations. Especially being on a ship with many people so close together. You want to protect your passport and card information with a RFID blocking passport holder and wallet. These will stop thieves from capturing your information when you least expect it.
  2. Anti-Theft Bag   An Anti-Theft bag is something you don’t want to leave the cruise ship without. When exploring on different islands you’ll want to take a bag that will protect you from slash and grab thieves and pickpockets.
  3. Toiletry Sheets   The last thing you want on a cruise is to pack large items since you’ll be cramped for space. We recommend checking out toiletry sheets which include ones for shaving, which you’ll need since the cruise will be longer.
  4. Tech Accessory Organizer   There is nothing worse than forgetting your charger on the ship. Keep your laptop, tablet, and smart phone accessories organized in one place. This makes it easier to always have your camera gear and phones charged.

Her Cruise Packing

Tropical Destination

2 Flowing Dresses
1 Swimming suit
1 Sandal (for beach and to wear with flowing dresses)
1 Sneaker For gym or sightseeing
2 Shorts
1 cocktail dress for formal evenings if you plan on attending
1 pair of jeans
1 blouse
1 T-shirt
3 pairs of socks (Depending on how often you want to hit the gym)
1 hat
1 beach cover-up
1 pair of sunglasses
1 sweatshirt or sweater for colder nights
6 pairs of undergarments

Cold Destination

1 Dress for an evening out
1 Swimming suit for indoor pool
1 Sandal (Good for walking around inside cabin and shower area)
1 Sneaker For gym or sightseeing
2 pants (These can be jeans or a more comfortable pair)
1 blouse
2 Long T-shirts (These are also good for layering depending on climate)
5 pairs of socks (If you are going to the gym often we recommend more)
1 winter hat
2 sweatshirts or sweater for colder nights
6 pairs of undergarments

Her Accessories Necessities

  1. Waist Pack   When arriving at different ports you’ll want to be hands-free. This is a good option to hold all your valuables close to you so you don’t forget them while sightseeing.
  2. Packable Backpack   The perfect way to visit multiple destinations and bring back souvenirs to your ship is with a packable. You can pack it nearly anywhere and it expands to a hands free backpack for storage. This is also a good option for carrying water bottles with you on your way to the gym. We recommend an Anti-Theft packable to keep your valuables secure.
  3. Packing Organizers   Since cruise lines are tight on space you’ll want to optimize your luggage space. This is especially valuable if you plan on doing some shopping at different ports. We recommend a packing organizer and compression bags. They fit perfectly into a carry-on or your main luggage. They are also a great way to store your swimming suit.
  4. Shoe Covers   You’ll either be near a pool or at different locations. Shoe covers help avoid scuffing nicer dress shoes for evenings on the cruise ship. It’s also water resistant for sandals to avoid ruining other items you packed.
  5. Undergarment Pouch  This is the most secure way to handle any valuables when you are traveling off the ship. It easily clips to a bra strap for added security. This pouch isn’t visible to anyone but you, making this a must have for optimal security.  This will keep your money secure and out of sight to everyone but you.

Cruising with Kids - Accessory Necessities List

  1. Waterproof Pouches   When on a cruise there will always be an opportunity to play in the water. These waterproof accessories will help keep your phone and tablet safe on the beach and near the pool while the kids are running around. These are also perfect as a screen protector for messy hands!
  2. Set of 2 Silicone Jars   While on the ship storing snacks are great ways to keep the kids energized. This is perfect for picky eaters too when you arrive at different ports since you won’t know what the food options will be.They are spill proof making these a must-have for kids.
  3. Oversized Luggage Tags   Make the cruise experience more fun by letting your kids pick out their own luggage tags. Not only will they be more excited to pack, but also with the bright colors their luggage will be more identifiable. We recommend the oversized Doughnut luggage tags.

Our Essentials Guide for Everyone Going on a Cruise

  1. Toiletry Kits  Save space in your Cabin and get a toiletry kit with a swivel hook. You’ll be able to hang it with ease in your bathroom.2. Set of 2 Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush CoversFew cruise ships have ventilation fans. Making toothbrush covers a MUST. Bathrooms are home to critical surfaces that house contaminated surfaces.
  2. Set of 2 Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush Covers  Few cruise ships have ventilation fans. Making toothbrush covers a MUST. Bathrooms are home to critical surfaces that house contaminated surfaces.
  3. Anti-Bacterial Travel Towel  The towels provided on a cruise don’t absorb very quickly, or much at all. These dry quickly and are compact and lightweight for packing. They also absorb 3x its weight and dry 3x faster than your average cruise ship towel! There are so many benefits to this towel that it’s one of our favorites. It’s also the perfect solution for drying long hair.
  4. Set of 2 Smart Tubes™  Bring your sunscreen and lotions along with you in reusable tubes. You’ll want to save on packing space and not travel with full-sized bottles. They are 3-1-1 compliant too, if you are flying to meet your cruise ship.
  5. Luggage Scale  This small product could become a lifesaver with airport fees on the way back from your cruise. If you do decide to do some extra shopping aboard bring a scale so you don’t end up paying extra baggage fees.
  6. Door Alarm It's all about cabin security. There are many people who have keys to your cabin. Also cabin doors locks are sometimes horribly outdated and are not re-keyed as frequently as hotel rooms. Invest in a Door Alarm so if someone who shouldn’t tries to get in while your are there a piercing alarm will be sounded, alerting crew and other you need help.
  7. Inflatable Bottle Pouch If you are a wine connoisseur this bottle pouch is right up your alley Inflatable, this pouch allows you to safely transport a bottle of wine or spirit in your suitcase without it breaking.  It’s also leak-proof and meets TSA airline requirements. Cheers!
  8. Waterproof Pouches No Not just for the kids- waterproof accessories are necessities on and off the cruise. You wont have to worry about damaging your phone and getting it wet while in a foreign place or by the pool.