Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recalibrate my Travelon digital scale?

Your Travelon digital scale is recalibrated every time you press the power button. Inaccuracy or malfunction is most likely the result of low batteries, or overloading.

If your scale is indicating the batteries are low, change batteries. If your scale indicates it is overloaded (weight capacity up to 110 lbs. / 50 kilograms) remove excess load/weight immediately. Overloading can cause permanent damage.

How do I set the time and other features on my new Travel Alarm?


From the clock display screen, press “SET”. The following will flash each time the “SET” button is pressed:

  • Seconds
  • Hour (in 12hr clock mode PM will be displayed, but not AM)
  • Minutes
  • Year
  • Month
  • Date
  • [Return to clock display screen]

Use the “UP” and “DOWN” button to set the function.

Note: The Day will adjust as you set the correct date. The Temp is not settable.

SETTING THE ALARM: Start from clock display screen, press “MODE” once. “Alarm” will be displayed. Press “SET”. The following will flash each time the “SET” button is pressed.

  • Hour (in 12hr clock mode PM will be displayed, but not AM)
  • Minutes
  • Tune Select (Use “UP” and “DOWN” button to change choose from 8 different tunes)
  • Press “MODE” 4 times to return to the time

Use the “UP” and “DOWN” button to set the function. In the time mode press “ALARM” to set/un-set the alarm. When the alarm activates press “SNOOZE” to delay the alarm for 6 minutes. Press “ALARM” to stop the alarm. Note: The Day will adjust as you set the correct date. The Temp is not settable.


Start from clock display screen:

UP = To activate the Count Up feature:

Press “MODE” twice

Press “UP” to start the counter

TIMER display will be blinking

The small display near the arrow is in seconds

The larger display under TIMER is in minutes (0:01 = 1 minute)

Press “DOWN” to stop the timer

Press “SET” to re-set the time to zero

DOWN = To activate the Count Down feature:

Press “MODE” three times

Press “SET” once to set the hour, press again for minutes (1 minute is the shortest time that can be programmed)

Press “SET” to confirm the count down time

Press “UP” to start the count down

When 0:00:00 is reached, a tune will play 

To turn off the tune, press “SET” or “SNOOZE”

Press “MODE” twice to return back to the clock display screen.

NOTE: After a short while the display will return to the time function.

The time will still be running. Press “MODE” twice to return to the timer.

What battery size do I use in my Travelon products chart?






4-in-1 Car Emergency Tool




3 Speed personal Folding Fan




Micro Scale




Large Display Travel Alarm Clock




MuV® Digital Scale



Will my RFID Blocking product set off airport security?

TSA's current regulations dictate that pockets are emptied and contents placed through x-ray screening, along with bags and other carry-on items. Your RFID Blocking product should go through x-ray. If you forget and keep your wallet in your pocket, yes, it will set off security screening devices.

What frequencies does Travelon RFID Blocking protect against?

The Travelon RFID blocking products blocks transmission of this information when the cards are in the RFID blocking product, compartment or pocket, preventing unauthorized access. Our products are designed for use with RF Smart Cards, ID’s and Passports, which work on a limited range (i.e. Tap & Go / SpeedPass, etc.). These types of chips most often fall within the 125 kHZ (Low Frequency) or 13.56 MHZ (High Frequency) categories. The card or passport needs to be within touching distance of the reader in order to register the information that is embedded on the RF chip. Our RFID items are not intended to be used for purposes beyond the standard LF/HF scope for which they were developed.

Why am I seeing a California Prop 65 Warning?

"WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Why am I seeing this warning?

Proposition 65 is a California law that requires consumers to be notified about the possible presence of listed chemicals in excess of specified levels in products sold in California. Chemicals included on the list are those which have been determined by a California state agency to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Currently the number of chemicals listed under Prop 65 is more than 900, with many new chemicals being added every year.

There are two ways a company can be compliant with Prop 65 regulations:

  1. Test every component of every product for every production run against each of the 900 chemicals listed to ensure they are within the safe harbor limits. Additional testing would be required each time new chemicals were added to the list. Travelon believes this to be impractical and cost-prohibitive.
  2. Place a Proposition 65, Safe Harbor Warning, on each of its products. The wording of the label, specified by California law, is:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This product complies with all state and federal product safety standards. Travelon believes its products are safe when used as intended. However, in order to be compliant with California law, Travelon, along with many major manufacturers in industries ranging from electronics to sleepwear, has decided to place CA Prop 65 warnings on its products."